Anton Krupicka rejoin LaSportiva as Ambassador

Anton Krupicka, one of the most iconic ultrarunner athlete on the planet, winner of the LavaredoUltraTrail in 2014 and two time Leadville 100 Champion, (re-)join LaSportiva USA, as part of Ambassador team of one of the Italian brand that have done and continue to write outdoor and mouintain history.

The New Balance athlete since 2006, Anton by time dedicated more frequently to “collateral” running activities, as climibng and skimo, in order to expand his playground.
He has moved to more complete self-powered adventure and target new FKT’s (not specify in the news) for 2016. That’s drive us to think about new epic adventures based on sequence of activities like bike to the mountain, running to the wall and climbing the peak than reverse to way back home.
According with news reported here from LaSportiva USA, this way to more complete mountain adventure drive Anton to a new approach with equipment.

As mountain runner when we think to a brand that could better support such a various mountain move with adeguate equipment, one of the name (may be the first) we immagine is LaSportiva.

Can’t wait to see Anton in action following new FKT’s. We wish that new partnership with LaSportiva could bring him more frequently to Europe and maybe in Italy.
We are ready to be insipired

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